Letters to the Grave

Doctors Sofia and Michael are driven to help others. In their terms overseas, they discover that the poorest countries host the most generous of spirits. Yet, for Sofia, they are not enough to chase away the demons that haunt her. It is only by corresponding with the dead that she can rediscover the richness in her own life. Join Sofia as she travels on a very different journey in order to return amongst the living.

“Letters to the Grave is both sobering and fascinating. Some of the letters written were borrowed from a real doctor who was a part of Doctors without Borders. As the letters take the reader into other worlds, it is fascinating to see how other people live however it is also tragic that they have so little while we have so much. As the author brings some of these characters to life, it is heartbreaking to see them suffer needlessly especially as a result of civil unrest, which is really happening all over the world as I type these words. This is definitely a book that will hold your attention, and have you reflecting upon it after you finish. I highly recommend reading Letters to the Grave by Lucia Cascioli. ~ Paige Lovitt for Reader Views